Trusted Family Law Advocacy In Florida

Accomplished. Determined. Experienced.

Attorney Brian Norback helps divorcing couples and their children throughout communities in the Panhandle region.

Valuable Guidance During Difficult Times

Whether you are getting a divorce, seeking custody of your child or dealing with a related matter, we at Norback Law, LLC, in Crestview can provide valuable guidance. Attorney Brian Norback has 20 years of legal experience, which he uses to offer knowledgeable advice to our clients.

We help clients resolve challenging family law issues in a prompt, cost-effective way. Because no two of these cases are the same, we will make it a priority to understand your unique needs so we can develop a customized legal strategy that addresses each of your objectives.

Comprehensive Legal Support For Families

We represent clients in all manner of family law cases, though many of our cases stem from dissolution of marriages and legal issues between parents. The matters that can arise during a divorce vary greatly from case to case. We handle dissolution actions of all kinds, from legal separations to cases involving military divorce and spouses’ rights to highly disputed, high-asset divorces. We have the experience and determination to help you navigate any challenge you encounter during the process.

A dispute involving children can be especially difficult, requiring a determined advocate who will fight for your rights and your children’s best interests. We represent fathers and mothers in child custody and child support matters, parents seeking to relocate and individuals who are trying to prove paternity or who are disputing paternity.

How Can We Help?

Our comprehensive family law practice handles other matters such as adoption proceedings, orders of protection and preparation of prenuptial agreements. With the scope of knowledge to handle even the most unique or problematic family law issues, we look forward to exploring how we can help you.