Trusted Family Law Advocacy In Florida

Accomplished. Determined. Experienced.

Attorney Brian Norback helps divorcing couples and their children throughout communities in the Panhandle region.

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Custom Solutions And Strong Representation

The lawyer you choose will influence both the process and the outcome of your divorce or family law matter. You want professional advice without being herded down a path. You want a forceful advocate on your side without a scorched earth result.

At Norback Law, LLC, we provide customized legal strategies that are based on your goals and that make sense for your changing family. Attorney Brian Norback brings 20 years of legal experience to his clients. He has practiced law in Florida since 2004. Follow the link below to read more about his professional background.

The Experience You Need For The Challenges Of Family Law

Divorce, child custody and related disputes are legally complex and emotionally charged. Brian Norback is well-versed in Florida family law and divorce, and highly experienced in the family courts throughout the Panhandle area. He is also knowledgeable about the unique laws and considerations for military families.

  • He is an aggressive defender of your rights and the best interests of your children.
  • He is a smart counselor who can help you forge solutions and make tough decisions.
  • He is responsive to your needs throughout the legal process.
  • He is committed to cost-effective representation.

Norback Law, LLC, is squarely in your corner. We will take action to protect your property rights and parental rights. We will explain the law and keep you in the loop. We will fight for you when there is no middle ground or the other side will not negotiate in good faith.

Decide For Yourself If We Are Right For You

We are confident we can guide you and protect you in any family matter to resolve it in a timely and cost-efficient way. Call us today at 850-200-6200 or contact us online to arrange a consultation at your convenience.

Norback Law, LLC represents people of all walks of life throughout Florida’s Panhandle region, including military personnel of Eglin Air Force Base and their civilian spouses.