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Attorney Brian Norback helps divorcing couples and their children throughout communities in the Panhandle region.

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Strong, Focused Advocacy In Florida Family Law

Everything about family law is complex and stressful. Each question you try to answer leads to a new question or a difficult decision. You don’t know where to start. You don’t how it will end.

Norback Law, LLC, helps you move forward with customized legal solutions. Brian Norback is a skilled trial lawyer who has practiced in the Florida family courts since 2004. He combines focused knowledge of the law with aggressive advocacy to protect your interests and meet your goals.

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Solutions Should Be Geared To Your Unique Situation

Every marriage and every family is different. No two divorces or parenting disputes play out the same way. But an experienced family law attorney can guide the way. Brian Norback has handled all the issues you may be grappling with, including:

  • Contested and uncontested divorce – Whether you are headed for litigation or formalizing a kitchen table agreement, we are here to guide and protect you. We can help you find fair and creative ways to divide marital assets and debts, and to work out spousal support if applicable.
  • Child custody and child support – Nothing is more important than your child’s well-being and preserving your parental bond. We make sure the parenting agreements and support levels are fair and practical.
  • Establishing or disputing paternity – We assist unmarried parents in working out child support and parenting time, and we represent men who are contesting whether they are the father.
  • Parent relocation – We represent either side when a parent petitions the court to move the children away from the Panhandle area.
  • Military families – Special protections apply in “military divorce.” We regularly represent Air Force personnel from Eglin AFB (or their civilian spouses) in divorce, custody and paternity.
  • Orders for protection – We can help obtain a protective order in domestic violence situations, or challenge an unwarranted restraining order.
  • Adoption – We assist parents with the complexities of adopting, including stepparent adoption and termination of parental rights.
  • Juvenile delinquency – If a child is in trouble for criminal activity or truancy, we protect their rights and their future in family court proceedings.

Also see our Family Law FAQ and Divorce FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions.

The Best Way Forward

Your situation may be amenable to mediation or out-of-court negotiations. Sometimes it is necessary to go to trial to protect your interests. You can count on attorney Brian Norback for wise counsel and aggressive strategies to put you in position for the most favorable outcome. We practice in the family courts throughout Florida’s Panhandle communities. Call 850-200-6200 or contact our firm online to arrange your initial consultation.