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Disputing Paternity

Florida Attorneys Dispute Paternity Claims

Fort Walton Beach lawyers help men prove that they are not a child’s father

Norback Law, LLC has assisted many men in cases where a woman is attempting to establish the legal paternity of children. We are highly familiar with how to deal with cases in which paternity is in question.

Valuable counsel for your paternity action

Paternity actions in Florida can be filed by men or women. Men who wish to dispute biological fatherhood or parenting responsibilities often face serious challenges. Even if DNA testing proves that a child is not yours, the mother may still have rights if you have previously acknowledged that the child was yours. Our attorneys help you work through the court system to establish the truth. We also work with families to dispute paternity in cases of inheritance. Every aspect of our firm’s paternity practice is carried out with the utmost discretion and privacy.

Helping men end child support payments

While child support payments are intended to help children and hold parents responsible, there are endless cases of men stuck paying child support for a child that isn’t theirs. Sometimes by accident, and sometimes by design, a woman may seek child support from a man who isn’t actually the father of her child. Our attorneys use every available piece of evidence and a variety of legal tactics to help you avoid supporting someone else’s child. In cases where you have been determined to be the parent even when science says otherwise, we will fight to get your monthly payments reduced.

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